Teaching with iWebfolio

November 18, 2008: This month Provisions explored the world of iWebfolios and their impact on the college campus. Presenters included Carol Rasowsky from the Department of Teacher Education, Kelly Meyer Coordinator of Retention and Assessment, and Dr. Judy Teng Senior Instructional Designer. 

          Dr. Teng provided a overview of ePortfolio and why it is so important for faculty and students. Dr. Teng also explained the development of the program, including the stages she took in order to create ePortfolio. Kelly Meyer spoke of the “Failure to Succeed” and how ePortfolios are used in the Exploratory Program on campus. Meyers presented many examples of student portfolios and focused on the idea of enabling students to learn more about themselves in order to create direction. Along with this Meyers proposed future possibilities for ePortfolio, including faculty advantages. Finally Carol Rasowsky concluded the program by discussing and presenting student portfolios using the Teacher Education templet. 

          Many questions and concerns that were discussed during this session were the student and faculty access to ePortfolio, Student accounts and whether or not this program is free, the length of time these portfolios are available to the college, and the overall advantages of ePortfolio as opposed to Blackboard. Overall this session provided interesting as well as beneficial information on iWebfolios and the impact they have on students. 

          Below you will find the materials in which each presenter shared during the session, as well as links to other helpful and informative resources.

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podcast announcement

September  16th’ session “Teaching the First Year Student” podcast is now available and located under “Links”  This session features Sean Peters, Megan Fulwiler, and Jeff Marlett.