Interdisciplinary Teaching & Learning

February 22, 2010- An essay by Deborah DeZure, from Eastern Michigan University, entitled "Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning" explores the integration of knowledge, benefits, and approaches used in order to successfully achieve a synthesis of two for more discipline. Going along with this months session, this essay provides additional information on a style of teaching that … Continue reading Interdisciplinary Teaching & Learning


Teaching as a Team

February 16, 2010- This month Provisions explored the world of teaching as a team. Presentations were provided by Dr. Nancy Dorr, Associate Professor of Psychology, Kathryn Laity, Professor of English, and Dr. Jenise Depinto, Professor of History. Dr. Dorr began the session by talking about her experience team teaching Social Neuroscience alongside Rob Flint. The … Continue reading Teaching as a Team

‘One Faculty’

February 8, 2010. In an article from Inside Higher Ed. entitled, "Principles for 'One Faculty'"  a coalition of academic associations is today issuing a joint statement calling on colleges to recognize that they have "one faculty" and to treat those off the tenure track as professionals, with pay, benefits, professional development and participation in governance. … Continue reading ‘One Faculty’