Health Care and Higher Ed

March 23. 2010- In an article from Insider Higher Ed entitled, “Health Care and Higher Ed” talks about the ways in which the legislation will benefit students, campus health centers and medical schools more immediately. According to the article, college and university based student health insurance plans are given a special exemption to continue to exist, even though they don’t fit classification as individual plans or employer-based group plans. The article continues by talking to the president of the American College Health Association and director of student health at the University of Virginia, Jim Turner.


Negotiating the Religious Heritage of Saint Rose

March 16, 2010– This months Provisions Happy Hour presented a sensitive topic on campus here at Saint Rose. The topic was negotiating the religious heritage of Saint Rose and the presenters included Scott Brodie from the Art Department, Chris DeGiovine from Spiritual Life, and Mark Ledbetter from the Philosophy and Religion Department.

Scott Brodie began the conversation by sharing with the group his relationship with Father Chris. Coming from two different religious backgrounds, Brodie and Father Chris formed a friendship and bond based on neutral understanding, curiosity, and interest in the difference between them. It was truly inspiring to hear that two individuals, with completely differenet belief systems, can find common ground and form a friendship. As Brodie mentioned, “deeply held, sharply different beliefs keep life interesting.” The overall theme of Brodies presentation was to be who you are, but learn about those who are different and don’t be persuaded by community pressure to hide your practices.

Father Chris spoke next about the important difference between Catholic Intellectual Tradition (CIT) and the Roman Catholic Church (RCC). With the RCC becoming an old dying institute, CIT is all about free inquiry and truth. Father Chris spoke about the importance in distinguishing between the two  because Saint Rose is based on CIT more so then RCC. Below you will find the handout in which Father Chris presented to accompany his presentation.

Finally, Mark Ledbetter from the Philosophy and Religion Department talked about a course he taught called Religion and Culture. In the course eight students were engaged in an intense discussion on all topics surrounding religion. The goal of this course was to interrogate religion, and Ledbetter spoke highly of its success. The overall theme of Ledbetter’s presentation was that students do not distinguish between religion and spirituality and the importance to recognize that the ability to move among religions is part of their religious identity.

At the conclusion of the presentations the open discussion faced many of the challenging topics Saint Rose faces. Topics discussed include the role and inequality of women in the Catholice Church and why there weren’t any women speakers on the panel, the difference between a Catholic College and a Catholic Church, and the need for a post-religious world. The idea of a post-religious world is not the same as a non-religion world, it is the need for no dominant religion and greater understanding of all religions. This idea helped shaped the conversation and brought the session to a close.

To hear all three presenters from last nights session, check out the Provisions Podcast.

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Provisions Happy Hour Tonight!

Join us tonight in the last session of the Spring semester on Negotiating the Religious Heritage of Saint Rose. The session will take place in Standish Conference Rm #3 from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Presenters include Scott Brodie from the Art Department, Chris DeGiovine Dean of Spiritual Life, and Mark Ledbetter from the Department of Philosophy and Religion. Tonights session will be moderated by Kelly Meyer.

Hope to see you there!

Religious Revival

March 11, 2010– Provisions Happy Hour will explore the Religious Heritage of Saint Rose at next weeks session. As part of this months theme, an article from December 2009, Inside Higher Ed, entitled “Religious Revival” talks about religion being the most popular field of study among historians, according to a new study from the members of the American Historical Association. This increase, according to Jon Butler, a professor in religious and American studies from Yale, is due to the realization that the world “is aflame with faith.”

A Different Path to Tenure

March 5, 2010– In an article from Inside High Ed entitled, “Different Paths to Full Professor” the President of ¬†Ohio State University suggested to the Associated Press that it was time to reconsider the way tenure is rewarded. While trying to get people thinking about this important topic, Ohio State is now considering and discussing ways in which teachers can be evaluated differently. University officials argue that, as in tenure reviews, research appears to be the dominant factor at that stage, despite official policies to weigh teaching and service as well.

Not So Private Professors

March 2, 2010– In an article from Inside Higher Ed entitled, “Not So Private Professors,” social networking sites are lifting the veil on the private lives of professors, in ways that may overstep boundaries with pupils. The article tells the story of one professor who was put on leave after a student reported her for Facebook posts which were interpreted as threatening. The continuing investigation shows just how public personal profiles are on the Internet.