Tenure Rates and Faculty Mission

April 27, 2010- An article from Inside Higher Ed entitled, “Tenure Rates and Faculty Mission” talks about the proposed changes to the tenure system at Brown University, and how they may seem like relatively minor adjustments on the surface, designed to help junior faculty members build a more complete portfolio for review. However, administrators have run into strong faculty opposition, with many believing the changes will add up to an attempt to assert more control by administrators and to shift the teaching-research balance in the direction of research.


Express Lane to a B.A.

April 19, 2010– Today our economy has already begun to climb out of a recession that costs many people their jobs and forced others back to school. With admissions into colleges only increases, what was once an emerging idea could now be a reality. Introducing a three-year bachelor’s degree as a way to reduce college costs and better serve students has begun to take hold. In a March 11, 2010 article from Inside Higher Ed entitled, “Express Lane to a B.A.” talks about the pros and cons of implementing such a program. However, despite the surge in interest to such a program by colleges such as the University of North Carolina and Georgia Southwestern State University, some experts are critical and wonder whether or not students will be able to finish their degrees in only three years.

The Worst Salary Year

April 12, 2010- As the economy struggles to regain much of its strength after this past years recession, an article from Inside Higher Ed called, “The Worst Salary Year” explores a survey collected by the American Association of University Professors that ¬†found the average salary of a full-time faculty member in 2009-2010 is only 1.2 percent higher than it was a year ago.

While this survey only covers full-time faculty members, many reports suggest that part-time faculty were not seeing any salary gains this year as well. This article urges professors to increase their knowledge of higher education finance and John Curtis, director of research and public policy for the AAUP stresses the importance of staying involved.

For-Profit College Boom

April 7, 2010. An article from Inside Higher Ed entitled, “For-Profit College Boom” takes a look inside the world of student enrollment in private nonprofit colleges versus for-profit colleges. As enrollments rise private sector institutes are growing. Other findings in this article include college’s operating margins shrinking, and the number of students receiving aid continues to grow.