Writing Tools

In honor of writing here is an article that discusses different devices for writing:  "Do You Have Something to Write With?" From notepads on phones, to real notepads, to post-its or PicoPads there are dozens of ways to write down information. And of course, there are dozens of situations one may find themselves in with the need … Continue reading Writing Tools


Potatoes, Laws, and Reversals

What do Facebook, potatoes, and immigration have in common? Well, they have all been recently reported on in the context of education. Educational laws, bills, and rulings have been making the news in the past few weeks with an emphasis on the negative aspects of the newest bunch. Complaints about the nutrition of the food … Continue reading Potatoes, Laws, and Reversals

Teaching Writing in the Disciplines

Megan Fulwiler, Associate Professor of English, discussed the history and Theory of Writing in the disciplines. In the 1980s the Writing Across the Curriculum Movement (WAC) began as a way to get students to write more professionally. Three functions of writing were determined: transactional, expressive, and poetic. Expressive writing is often used to improve transactional … Continue reading Teaching Writing in the Disciplines

Classroom Writing Time: Remedial or Beneficial?

Many teachers have their students write during class time. However, how many teachers actually have their students go through the entire writing process for an assignment in class? This does not mean writing quick responses or responding to essay questions on tests. All the work that goes into writing can include research, outlining, writing several … Continue reading Classroom Writing Time: Remedial or Beneficial?