Many people are diving head first into the age of technology.
However, there still seem to be a large group of people who are still holding onto
one old school way of having fun – reading books. There are still many out
there who come up with excuse after excuse as to why they won’t invest in an
e-reader. For example: They are too expensive. I can’t read writing on screens.
My friends and I like to trade. I like to take out books from the library.

Well, an e-reader will more than pay for itself after buying
a handful of e-books for a lot less than the paper versions. Many of the
e-reader screens are specifically designed to look like the pages of a book.
Some e-readers (like the Barnes and Noble Nook) allow for lending. And finally,
Professor Hacker just announced that
Amazon is creating a type of lending library for their Kindle owners.

What does this have to do with education? Well, the rising
cost of textbooks has put a huge strain on many professors, students, and
school districts. E-readers could solve a lot of problems by providing cheaper textbooks
for students, professors, and schools. It would be wonderful if schools could
rent out e-readers to their students with the required books already downloaded
onto the devices. How could this be done? Well, some e-readers are connected to
the owners personal e-mail address. So in theory a school could connect several
e-readers to one e-mail address and only have to pay for a book once. Some
college libraries already offer e-readers to be loaned out for short periods of
time (usually to look at magazine and newspaper subscriptions the school has
access to).

If you still aren’t convinced that e-readers are a good idea
then check out this site for books sales.


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