The New York Times has given technology another praise worthy review in the article “A Scholarly Role for Consumer Technology.” It seems many Parisian Business schools have begun using everyday technology such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. Students are given access to these online tools through tablets such as i-Pads. Schools such as Essec believe these social media sites are much more resourceful than other programs that cost money.

Using free social networking sites allows professors to keep in contact with students both inside and outside the scheduled class times. In large lecture halls it is often easier to send a message using technology than to raise your hand and wait to be called on. The article also mentioned the use of electronic textbooks (see post Personalize Your Textbook); which can make using classroom textbooks a whole lot easier for students.

These business schools have found an effective and inexpensive way to make their classrooms run more smoothly with technology that many of their students are already well acquainted with. Maybe in the future more schools — not just business schools — will begin to use this type of technology to better their classes.


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