In an effort to boost retention rates many colleges have changed or are in the process of making changes to courses. With a huge increase in drop-out rates has come an increased look into the cognitive abilities of students. In his article for The Chronicle of Higher Education, “Harvard Conference Seeks to Jolt University Teaching,” Dan Berrett discusses Harvard’s recent proposal to change lecture based courses. Although, many colleges and universities are way ahead of Harvard in changing their curriculums it is still important to note that a school such as Harvard (old and distinguished) is willing and ready to change.

The article touches upon the misconceptions many professors have about student learning and what Harvard is planning to do to revamp the college. The university has received $40 million dollars in order to make changes to the structure of classes to the structure of classrooms. To read the full article click on the link below.

 “Harvard Conference Seeks to Jolt University Teaching”


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