October Provisions Session: Interdisciplinary Collaboration

The October Provisions session explored the topic of Interdisciplinary Collaboration.  The three presenters included Amina Eladaddi, from the Dept. of Mathematics, Jack Pickering, from the Dept. of Communication Science and Disorders, and Mark Ledbetter, from the Dept. of Philosophy and Religious Studies.  Each presenter discussed ways in which they were able to exercise interdisciplinary collaboration … Continue reading October Provisions Session: Interdisciplinary Collaboration


MOOC’s, +/- ?

MOOC's, or Massive Open Online Courses, are the newest innovation in online education, and as a result, as Katherine Mangan comments in her post, “for the academic world, which isn't exactly known for being quick to embrace change, the past several months have been a whirlwind.”  MOOC's are met with both praise and criticism.  Here … Continue reading MOOC’s, +/- ?