Faculty are invited to apply to the new Provisions Fellows Program for the 2013-2014 year. The Provisions Fellowships are unique professional development grants in three ways:
1) The Fellowships focus on teaching and learning;
2) The Fellowships emphasize collaborative inquiry around an identified theme;
3) The Fellowships support interdisciplinary exploration rather than individual disciplinary expertise and research.

Provisions Mission Statement

Provisions is a monthly faculty development series dedicated to exploring, publicizing, and disseminating innovative teaching and learning across the disciplines.  Its mission is to recognize positive, pro-active, student-centered pedagogies and to value teaching as an endeavor that requires ongoing inquiry and reflection. Provisions seeks out exemplary and experimental approaches to student learning from every department and office in an effort to support an on-going, campus-wide dialogue about the challenges and opportunities of an ever-changing educational landscape.  Grounded in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, the series strives to foster, promote, and sustain an institutional culture committed to life-long learning and dynamic pedagogical engagement.

I. Objectives

The 2010-2015 Strategic Plan identifies the following tactic associated with professional development for faculty (Goal 4, Objective 1):

Develop and Implement a Provisions Fellows program to support and celebrate teaching excellence and curricular innovation leading to academic and inclusive excellence consistent with best practices (e.g. AAC&U “High Impact Practices”).

In service of the goal above, Provisions Fellows will form a collaborative yearlong Faculty Learning Community committed to the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SOTL). The Fellowship supports teacher research, teaching excellence, clear outcomes, and documented assessment.  Each academic year will focus on a different theme. The theme for the 2013-2014 Academic year is “Teaching Critical Thinking.


II. Fellow Activities

  • Create a reading list focused on “teaching critical thinking” in consultation with other Fellows.
  • Meet regularly throughout the Fall 2013 semester to discuss reading. (Schedule to be determined by the Faculty Learning Community.)
  • Contribute to the Provisions blog to document process, discussion, and progress. (Two posts per Fellow)
  • Develop and implement one or more innovative assignments, activities, and/or lesson plans informed by the reading and discussion.
  • Document the outcomes of innovation and produce a “toolkit” of research,
  • pedagogical resources, sample assignments, and student examples to publish on the Provisions blog in support of faculty professional development.
  • Present at the first Provision session the following year to celebrate and publicize results of collaborative research and innovation.

III. Fellowship Award

  • Year long professional development opportunity for three faculty. (Individual applicants will be selected by the Professional Development Committee.)
  • Fellowship is equivalent to reassigned time for one course. The reassigned time can be taken at any time during the Fellowship (Spring or Fall) in consultation with the faculty member’s Department Chair.
  • An additional $700 will be available to each Fellow to support attendance and/or participation in a conference or workshop germane to the common inquiry question.

IV. Proposal Criteria and Format: (Maximum: 500 words)

  1. Describe your interest in this year’s inquiry theme: “Teaching Critical Thinking.”
  2. Describe your pedagogical questions, attempts, and challenges in regards to the theme.
  3. Provide evidence of past successful collaborative work in any venue. (e.g., professional, Saint Rose projects, committees, etc., or other contexts you deem relevant.) What skills or attributions will you bring to this work?

V. Schedule for Provision Fellows Program

  1. Proposals due 1/28/13.
  2. Proposals will be reviewed by Professional Development Committee with recommendations made to the Provost/VPAA by 2/28/13.
  3. Spring/Summer 2013: Provisions Fellows will create a common reading list identifying significant research in the Teaching of Critical Thinking.
  4. Fall 2013. Fellows will meet regularly as a collaborative faculty learning community to research the common topic of “Teaching Critical Thinking” and develop curricular innovation ideas for implementation in Spring 2014.
  5. Spring 2014: Curricular innovations implemented by each Fellow on an individual basis. Collaboration among Fellows will continue during this period (e.g. visiting each other’s classes; exchanging ideas; developing and consolidating ideas, research and assessment information).
  6. Pedagogical “toolkit,” with documentation and reflection materials developed as part of the Fellowship posted to Provisions blog by end of June 2014.
  7. Kick off the Fall 2014 Provisions series by sharing the results of the collaborative research and innovation.

For a printable version of this information: PV Fellows


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