The topic of the next ProVisions session, which will be held next Tuesday, 3/26, at 12pm in Standish A/B, is Teaching Service-Learning Courses.  The presenters will be Fred Boehrer, Ph.D., Coordinator of Academic Service-Learning, Community Involvement Faculty, and Jeanne Wiley, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies.


In preparation for these presentations, Dr. Boehrer has put together a Service-Learning Overview.  The following is the information that he has provided:

Service-Learning is a pedagogy for deepening students’ understanding of course learning objectives by connecting with off-campus community partners.

Service-Learning courses are not the same as Community Service.

While both involve volunteering, Service-Learning is classroom-based, with “volunteering” or “community service” integrated into the course syllabus.  Through Service-Learning courses, students have an opportunity to reflect on their volunteer experience through the lens of their course concepts and theories.  Studies have shown that students in Service-Learning courses grasp course learning objectives better than students in non-Service-Learning courses.

Teaching Service-Learning classes require a little extra planning and flexibility, but the rewards are very significant.

Do you want to explore syllabi offered by other faculty in your academic field?


Do you want an introduction on how to teach a Service-Learning course?


Do you want to learn about how to connect with a Community Partner for a Service-Learning course?


Are you interested in more resources for teaching a Service-Learning course?


Campus Compact is a national coalition of colleges dedicated to service-learning.

Saint Rose is a member of Campus Compact. This site contains a plethora of resources for faculty (syllabi, faculty toolkits, service-learning models, assessments, research opportunities, etc.)

Do you want to teach a Service-Learning course at St. Rose for the 2013-14 year?

Please join us:

Service-Learning Training Workshop for Saint Rose faculty

Friday, April 12

10am to 1pm (lunch included)

CCIM Conference Room 118

1006 Madison Avenue

Please contact Fred Boehrer ( to sign-up.

As Coordinator of Academic Service-Learning, Fred Boehrer

– supports faculty who are currently teaching service-learning courses

– invites and provides training for faculty interested in teaching service-learning courses

– networks Saint Rose faculty, administrators, staff, and students with local community organizations (“community partners”)

– networks with service-learning advocates at local colleges

Jeanne Wiley will also present next Tuesday and is allowing us to share her Ethics & Values syllabus and her Service-Learning guidelines with other faculty.  Browse at your leisure!

Ethics Service Learning Project Guidelines Spring 2013

Ethics Syllabus Spring 13 – Wiley

We look forward to seeing you March 26th!


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