Veterans in Higher Education

A recent survey poll on veterans reports that although Veterans are the most financially stable, less than 1/3 of the Veteran student population believe their needs are being met in higher education. In contrast, those who attended college while active on duty reported much higher percentages of having their needs accommodated for. Recent articles, White House Push on … Continue reading Veterans in Higher Education


November 17th Provisions Session: Teaching Non-Traditional Students

**To access the podcast from the session, click here.** Our third Provisions session of the year explored the theme of Teaching Non-Traditional Students. Presenters shared previous experience with teaching non-tradtional students, and effective strategies for improving success for non-traditional students. An audience of approximately 40 faculty and staff members attended to hear presentations from Katherine Voegtle, Professor of Educational Psychology, Deborah Reyome, … Continue reading November 17th Provisions Session: Teaching Non-Traditional Students

CoVisions: Provisions’ Sister Program

CoVisions, sponsored by the Office of Student Affairs, seeks to invite presenters to discuss innovative collaborations and observations that address contemporary issues and new solutions within the changing nature of higher education. CoVisions, like Provisions, allows for faculty and administrators to share insights with one another regarding current issues in higher education. We are delighted to share with … Continue reading CoVisions: Provisions’ Sister Program

Teaching Non-Traditional Students: November 17th Session

What exactly is a "non-traditional student"?  There are numerous components to what constitute a non-traditional student. The NODA-Association for Orientation, Transition, and Retention website, provides a brief overview of what a non-traditional student is. Basically, a non-traditional student is any student that does not complete college directly after graduating High School. Typically non-traditional students are over the age of … Continue reading Teaching Non-Traditional Students: November 17th Session