What is PERTS?

PERTS (Project for Education Research That Scales), located at Stanford University, is a center for applied research that focuses on academic motivation and achievement. PERTS team members conduct research that explores ways of improving motivation, using the information they received from partnered schools, colleges, and organizations.

The PERTS website provides many great resources for teachers, students, and other professionals. The site lists projects that are currently being conducted by PERTS team members. PERTS publishes findings from relevant literature that support student motivation. Research has shown that students will achieve more motivation if they are in a resilient environment. Having a “growth” mindset encourages more success and motivation within the classroom. The PERTS program is dedicated to helping students maintain a growth mindset that will foster motivation and success within the classroom.

In addition to literature on academic motivation, the website includes a Mindset Kit that contains resources on mindfulness techniques for teachers, parents, and students. The resources are divided up by categories for: teachers, parents, math, and team educators. In each category there are lesson plans that lead each mindfulness training technique.

Carol Dwek, author of “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success”, describes the two types of mindsets, fixed and growth. In her book, Carol explains the benefits of a growth mindset, and how to obtain one. In addition, she describes the short-term and long-term outcomes of each mindset. The PERTS program appears to be grounded from Carol Dwek’s growth and fixed mindset theories.

In 2014, Carol Dwek presented “The Power of Believing That You Can Improve” during a TEDTalk. The short video clip gives great background information on the power of the growth mindset. Edutopia provides a clip Carol Dwek discussing “Envision Education” and its success with student motivation and academic success.


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