“How We Incorporate Mission into Our Pedagogy”


“The College of Saint Rose community engages highly motivated undergraduate and graduate students in rigorous educational experiences. In the progressive tradition of the founding Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, we welcome men and women from all religious and cultural backgrounds. In addition to developing their intellectual capacities, students have the opportunity to cultivate their creative and spiritual gifts in a diverse learning community that fosters integrity, interdependence, and mutual respect. The College delivers distinctive and comprehensive liberal arts and professional programs that inspire our graduates to be productive adults, critical thinkers, and motivated, caring citizens. Our engagement with the urban environment expands the setting for educational opportunities and encourages the Saint Rose community’s energetic involvement and effective leadership in society.”

-The College of Saint Rose

The question remains… how do we incorporate mission into our pedagogy?

The article, “Supporting Linguistically and Culturally Diverse Learners in English Education,” explains various methods for creating a supportive learning environment for a diverse range of students. The article provides specific beliefs that contribute to creating  a supportive context for diverse students within the classroom. To create a supportive leaning environment, educators must be prepared to:

  1. Respect students of all races, cultures, and ethnicities, while continuing to  respect their own cultural beliefs and practices
  2. Find ways to incorporate each students’ “funds of knowledge”, otherwise known as student knowledge learned from their communities that can be connected to course content
  3. Learn about their students through formative assessment in order to modify their instruction to best fit all students within the classroom
  4. Empower students to learn through encouragement, opportunities for engagement in the curriculum, and providing meaningful activities
  5. Model ways of examining one’s own learning using self-regulatory skills, such as self-evaluation and self-monitoring
  6. Allow students to maintain their own languages while teaching various aspects of the English language
  7.  Advocate for equality and social justice for all students

InHow to Become and Remain a Transformational Teacher,” David Cutler describes several methods for improving teaching and student-teacher relationships through professional development. To remain an effective and transformational teacher, David suggests to:

  • Share effective practices with colleagues
  • Choose a successful colleague as a mentor
  • Observe fellow teachers’ instructional strategies
  • Find new routines to avoid burnout
  • Model the practicality and usefulness of what you are teaching
  • Demonstrate care for your students beyond the classroom

Please join us for our upcoming Tuesday, September 20th session on “ How We Incorporate Mission into Our Pedagogy.” Our esteemed presenters for the September 20th session include:

Angela Gordon-School of Business
Jeff Marlett-Philosophy and Religious Studies
Sean Peters-Director of Mission Experience

Provisions’ sessions are held from 12:00-1:15 in Standish A&B. All are welcome and no reservations are required. Free lunch and refreshments will be available! Hope to see you all there!! 🙂


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