How Can Educational Professionals Promote and Foster Student c85dac670af71f8c58eff72fb48a475eRelationships Outside of the  Classroom Environment?

According to  Maryellen Weimer, Building Rapport with Your Students  is an important factor for academic success. Research has indicated that positive student-teacher relationships can lead to various educational benefits, including increased student motivation, comfort level, quality of work, satisfaction, communication, and trust. Five important factors for promoting good student rapport are:

  1. Respect
  2. Approachability
  3. Open communication
  4. Care
  5. Postive attitude

The College of Saint Rose offers a Faculty-Led Program (FLP) in which students and educational staff  are able to study abroad in addition to academic coursework. This program encourages and fosters relationships between professors and students by providing opportunities for social interaction. The study abroad experience typically occurs for 1-2 weeks during the semester break, and allows students to get a taste of studying abroad without having to do so for an entire semester.

Ayona Datta discussed Why Student Field Trips Make an Impact using a real-world example from the the University of Leeds. Students working towards a Bachelor’s degree in human geography embarked on a field trip to Mumbai to explore the theme of global cities. Within that theme, students were able to explore the topics of “citizenship, identity, migration, belonging, transnationalism, social justice, bourgeois environmentalism, and everyday urban politics.” Ayona Datta’s believes that field trips can make an impact on student learning because they can assist with:

  • Professional research development and pedagogy
  • Provoking thoughtful discussion and various perspectives
  • Fostering and supporting the development of student skills
  • Fostering creativity in students

Below are additional references for promoting positive student-teacher relationships.

Please join us for our upcoming Tuesday, October 18th session on “Fostering Relationships With Students Outside of the Classroom” Our esteemed presenters for the October 18th session include:

Claire Ziamandanis-World Languages and Cultures
Kari Murad-Biology
Ken Scott-Director of Community Service

Provisions’ sessions are held from 12:00-1:15 in Standish A&B. All are welcome and no reservations are required. Free lunch and refreshments will be available! Hope to see you all there!🙂


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