September 18th Session: “Strategies for Challenging Hate and Creating Progressive Social Change in Academic Communities”

The past year has been full of hateful influences impacting classrooms and academic communities across the country.  How do we combat the hate and create progressive social change? According to Terry W. Hartle, senior vice president at the American Council on Education and author of "Why Most Republicans Don't Like Higher Education", only 36% of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents … Continue reading September 18th Session: “Strategies for Challenging Hate and Creating Progressive Social Change in Academic Communities”


“13 Reasons Why” Netflix Series: Considerations for Educators

"13 Reasons Why,"  a new series that was recently released on Netflix, opened the door for discussions and awareness regarding suicide. The series was based on the novel, Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. However, the series depicts graphic images and scenes related to a teen suicide. Much debate has occurred over the various aspects of suicide, bullying, and sexual abuse depicted in the series.  In response to concerns regarding … Continue reading “13 Reasons Why” Netflix Series: Considerations for Educators

The Academic Minute: Technology & Education

  On the Academic Minute, "The Phantom Vibration Syndrome," Robert Rosenberger describes the sensation of feeling your phone vibrate, when it actually has not vibrated at all. In a study of undergraduate students, approximately 90% reported that they experienced this "phantom vibration syndrome." When medical staff were surveyed, approximately 70% experienced the syndrome. Although many have experienced it, … Continue reading The Academic Minute: Technology & Education

Veterans in Higher Education

A recent survey poll on veterans reports that although Veterans are the most financially stable, less than 1/3 of the Veteran student population believe their needs are being met in higher education. In contrast, those who attended college while active on duty reported much higher percentages of having their needs accommodated for. Recent articles, White House Push on … Continue reading Veterans in Higher Education

Lectures – Relevant or Redundant?

In ‘Are lectures the best way to teach students?’ from the Guardian, a handful of academics discuss whether or not the traditional lecture, synonymous with higher-education for many years, is still relevant and effective in today’s climate. Bruce Charlton, a reader in evolutionary psychiatry at Newcastle University believes that we are now seeing a pale … Continue reading Lectures – Relevant or Redundant?

The Second Year Slump

Much has been said about the difficulties and challenges that both students and teachers face during that first year of college. For some, the increased academic demands weigh heavy on their shoulders, while for others, the culture shock of a new, independent environment away from their comfort zone can be emotionally draining. Last semester, Provisions explored … Continue reading The Second Year Slump