Provisions 12/03/2020

Our final set of presentations for fall 2020: Patricia Weldon, Ph.D.  Turning  a lens on identifying, discrimination, and identity Patricia Weldon, Ph.D. a professor in the department of Social work, presented Turing a lens on identifying, discrimination, and identity. Weldon, an amateur photographer, wanted to create a project that created an alternative form of communication … Continue reading Provisions 12/03/2020

11/19/2020 Provisions

The Visible and Invisible: Putting Art Foundations in Context  Robert Shane, Ph.D. Robert Shane, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Art History, presented a wonderful lecture about teaching the Arts Foundations course in a way that encompasses the racial injustice happening in society. The Arts Foundation course is taught to all first-year students, no matter their selected … Continue reading 11/19/2020 Provisions

Provision Presentations- 10/29/2020

On October 29th, 2020 we held our first virtual Provision presentations. Highlighted below, are some takeaways from our presenters wonderful presentations: Snap, Crackle, Pop!  Yolanda Caldwell was the first presenter for the Fall 2020 semester. In the age of Coronavirus, civil unrest, and uncertainty the college of Saint Rose has been working tirelessly to ensure … Continue reading Provision Presentations- 10/29/2020

November 1st Work-ference Summary

Universally Accessible Course Content Presented by Thomas Rosenberger and Abi Johnson 48 students this semester have a documented Learning Disability Nationally 17% of students with Learning Disabilities recieve accomodations Therefore it is more likely that 283 students have Learning Disabilities Proactive versus Reactive Approaches An Alphabet of Accessibility Issues Versus Saint Rose disability guide Need to think … Continue reading November 1st Work-ference Summary

November 1st Work-Ference

We are looking forward to our first Work-Ference at The College of Saint Rose on Friday November 1st! Below is a link to the conference program with abstracts of the presentation that will be taking place! We hope to see you there! Workfrence program (1)

Provisions Work-frence

Workfrence  flyer  Registration is now open for the first ever Provisions Work-frence! Please register via Eventbrite, which you can access via the QR code below, or this link.  [Please note:  Chrome is not working well with Eventbrite.  Please use the app or a different browser to register.  Apologies for the inconvenience.