Fall 2018 Schedule

Theme for the Fall Semester: Cultural Competence and Inclusive Classrooms

September 18th: Katlyn Farnum and Amanda Bastiani

October 16th: Ashima Singh and Stephanie Bennett

November 13th: Jeanne Wiley

*New location in the campus dining hall, discussion will take place 12-1:15* 


Spring 2018 Schedule


February 20th:  “Failing, Learning, and Resilience”

Presenters:  John Dion, Cailin Brown, and Maureen Rotondi


March 27th:  “Creating a Diverse Learning Community”

Presenters:  Kim Gero, Lamara Burgess, and Janet Acker


April 17th:   “A Community of Caring Citizens”

Presenters:  TBT


All Provisions sessions are held from 12:00-1:15 in the Standish Conference Rooms A and B.


2 thoughts on “Schedule

    1. Hi Ron,
      We plan the the year’s themes over the summer, but we work monthly to invite presenters for each session. In particular, we try to identify faculty who are doing innovative practices in their classroom for each topic. Our other aim is to make sure the presenters come from different disciplinary perspectives (as much as possible.) The Provost’s office sends out a more detailed email notice the week before each session. If you’re unable to make our Tuesday dates, we also provide a detailed summary after each session here on the blog.

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