Schedule and History

Fall 2016

September 20th: “How We Incorporate Mission into Our Pedagogy”

  • Angela Gordon-School of Business
  • Jeff Marlett-Philosophy and Religious Studies
  • Sean Peters-Director of Mission Experience

October 18th: “Fostering Relationships With Students Outside of the Classroom”

  • Claire Ziamandanis- Department of World Languages and Cultures
  • Kari Murad-Department of Biology
  • Ken Scott-Director of Community Service

November 15th: “Campus Community: Shifting Demographics and Student Identity”

  • Maria Fast – School of Education
  • Kelly Meyer- Director of Academic Advising
  • Jack Pickering – Communications, Sciences and Disorders

Spring 2017

February 21st:Raising the Bar While Providing a Safety Net for Taking Creative Risk”

  •  Dave Clark-Criminal Justice
  • Rita Faussette-History and Political Science
  • Christina Pfizer-Teacher Education & Sophia Paljevic– NYC Public Schools (graduate from the College of Saint Rose)

March 28th: Using SSC (Student Success Center) to its Fullest Potential”

  • Jess Brouker – Assistant Director of Intercultural Leadership and First-Year Programs
  • Shirlee Dufort – Director of the Writing Center
  • Marcy Nielsen Pendergast – Executive Director of the Academic Success Center

April 18th: “Pedagogy in the ‘Post-Truth’ Era”

  • Becky Landsberg –Department of Biology
  • Ryane Struas – Department of Political Science
  • Jay Kibby – Neil Hellman Library

Fall 2015

September 22nd: “Teaching and Learning With International Students”

  • Colleen Flynn Thapalia-Director of International Recruitment & Admissions
  • John F. Dion and Dr. Angela Gordon-Department of Business
  • Ian MacDonald-Department of Computer Science

October 20th: “Teaching First Generation Students”

  • Lai-Monté Hunter-Department of Intercultural Leadership
  • Jeff Marlett-Department of Philosophy/Religious Studies
  • Gina Occhiogrosso-Department of Art

November 17th: “Teaching Non-Traditional Students”

  • Katherine Voegtle-Department of Educational Psychology
  • Deborah Reyome-Department of Social Work
  • Shawn Sutton-Student Veterans Association

Spring 2016

February 16th:Teaching Non-Majors”

  • Laura Kinney-Department of Mathematics
  • Angela Ledford-Department of Political Science
  • James D. Teresco-Department of Computer Science

March 22nd:Teaching Online”

  • Lily Shafer-Department of Instructional Design
  • Silvia Mejia-Department of World Languages and Cultures & Department of Spanish
  • Daniel Nester-Department of English

April 19th:Teaching Information Literacy in the Age of Google”

  • Cailin Brown-Department of Communications
  • Elizabeth Yanoff– Department of Teacher Education & Mary Lindner-Reference Library
  • Steve Black -Reference Library

All Provisions’ sessions are held on Tuesday, in Standish A on the 2nd floor of the Activities and Events Building  from 12:00-1:15!  All are welcome-no need to RSVP! Free lunch and refreshments will be available!

Fall 2014

September 16th: “Teaching First Year Students”

  • Jelane Kennedy-Department of Counseling and CCSA
  • Mary Fitzsimmons-Director of HEOP (Higher Education Opportunity Program) & AOE (Academic Opportunity Experience)
  • Shirlee Dufort– Director of the Writing Center

October 21st: “The Culture of Assessment”

  • John Dion-Marketing Department in the School of Business
  • Claudia Lingertat-Putnam-Deputy Chair of the Counseling & CSSA programs
  • Stephanie Bennett-Department of Sociology

November 18th: “Teaching The Visual”

  • Liz Richards-Department of Communications
  • Susan Meyer-Department of Art Foundation
  • Joanne Powers-Department of Mathematics

Spring 2015

February 10th: “Teaching Historical Perspectives”

  • Carolyn Stefanco-President of the College
  • Scott Lemieux-Department of Political Science
  • Robert Shane-Department of Art History

March 17th: “Teaching Lives: What Keeps You Motivated”

  • Mary Ann McLoughlin-Department of Mathematics
  • Julie Demers-Department of English
  • Stephen Birchak-Department of Counseling

April 21st: “Teaching First Year Students: Provisions Fellows Present”

  • Provisions Fellows Peter Koonz-Serials and Electronic Resources Librarian
  • Jennifer Marlow-Department of English (Composition and New Media)

Fall 2013

September 17th: “Teaching Undergraduate Research”

  • Rick Thompson-Dean of the School of Math & Sciences
  • David Morrow-Department of English
  • Brian Jensen– Department of Physical and Biological Sciences

October 11th: “Teaching Toward Internationalization”

  • Christopher DeGiovine-Dean of Spiritual Life
  • Sean Peters-Director of Mission Experience
  • Aja LaDuke-Department of Teacher Education
  • Terri Ward-Department of Special Education

November 19th: “Teaching With Technology”

  • Sean McCLowry-Department of Music Industry
  • Elizabeth Richards-Department of Communications
  • Robert O’Neil-Department of Art

Spring 2014

February 11th: “Teaching Graduate Students”

  • David DeBonis-Department of Communication Sciences & Disorders
  • Sev Carlson-Dean of the School of Business

March 25th: “Teaching [Toward] Common Core”  

  • Aviva Bower-Department of Educational Psychology
  • Joseph Eppink-Department of Music

April 22nd: “Teaching Critical Thinking”

  • Stephanie Bennett-Department of Sociology
  • James Allen-Department of Educational Psychology
  • Amina Eladdadi-Department of Mathematics

Fall 2012

September 18th: “Teaching with/about Copyright and Intellectual Property”

  • John Ellis-Executive Director of Information Technology Services
  • Ian MacDonald-Department of Computer Science
  • Kim Middleton-Department of English

October 23rd: “Interdisciplinary Collaboration”

  • Amina Eladaddi-Department of Mathematics
  • Jack Pickering-Department of Communication Science and Disorders
  • Mark Ledbette-Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies

November 27th: “Internships and Capstones”

  • Jessica Loy-Department of Art
  • Maureen Rotondi-Department of Social Work
  • Marguerite Lodico-Department of Educational Psychology

Spring 2013

February 19th: “Integrated First Year Experiences (FYE)”

  • Risa Fausette-Department of History and Political Science
  • Katherine Moss-Reference and Access Services Librarian
  • Jennifer Richardson-Director of Residence Life

March 26th: “Teaching Service-Learning (S-L) Courses”

  • Fred Boehrer-Coordinator of Academic Service-Learning
  • Jeanne Wiley-Department of Philosophy

April 23rd: “Signature Pedagogies and The College of Saint Rose”

  • Steve Black-Reference Library
  • David Sczerbacki– College President
  • Margaret Kirwin-Provost Office

Fall 2011

September 13th: “Teaching With Technology”

  • Christine Paige-Department of Educational Technology
  • Liz Yanoff-Department of Teacher Education
  • Theresa Flanigan-Department of Art History

October 11th: “Teaching Writing in the Disciplines”

  • Megan Fulwiler-Department of English
  • David Goldschmidt-Department of Computer Science
  • Robert Shane-Department of Art History

November 22nd: “Teaching the Whole Student”

  • Ann Neilson-Department Chair of the Physical Education Department
  • Mary Fitzsimmons-Director of HEOP/ACCESS
  • Marcy Nielsen Pendergast-Director of the Academic Support Center

Spring 2012

February 14th: “Teaching With Technology II”

  • Tom Rosenberger-Department of Instructional Media Technology
  • Silvia Mejia– Department of Foreign Languages Department and American Studies Program
  • Jennifer Marlow-Department of English

March 13th: “Teaching and Service Learning”

  • Fred Boehrer-Coordinator of Academic Service-Learning & Community Involvement Faculty
  • Stephanie Bennett- Sociology Research Fellow for the Institute For Community Research and Training
  • Claudia Lingertat-Putnam-Deputy Chair of the Counseling & CSSA Educational Leadership

April 19th: “Conversation and Reflections on the Futures of Higher Education”

  • Mark Sullivan-President of the College of Saint Rose
  • Kelly Meyer-Director of Academic Advising
  • Aviva Bower-Department of Educational Psychology

Fall 2010

September: “Fostering Student Engagement”

  • Keith Sturgess-Department of Physics
  • Eurie Dahn-Department of English
  • Drey Martone-Department of Teacher Education 

October: “Creating Collaborative Communities”

  • Gabriel Washington-Department of Art Education
  • Kari Murad-Department of Biology and Science
  • John Francis-Department of Student Support Services

November 16th: “Teaching Global Perspective”

  • Vaneeta Palecanda-Department of English
  • Ben Schwab-Department of Art & Design
  • Colleen Flynn Thapalia-Department of International Recruitment & Admissions

Spring 2011

“Negotiating our Tradition: Liberal Education and the Pre-Professional Arts”

  • Barbara Ungar-Department of English
  • Steve Black-Reference Library
  • Margaret Kirwin-Dean of the School of Education

“Teaching in a Culture of Assessment”

  • Megan Overby-Department of Communication Sciences & Disorders
  • J. Daniel Beaudry– Department of English
  • Jennifer Childress-Department of Art Education

“Teaching Critical Thinking”

  • Jamin Totino-Department of Student Affairs
  • Angela Ledford-Department of Political Science
  • Laura Weed-Department of Philosophy

Fall 2009

September 29th: “Teaching First Year Students”

  • Gina Occhiogrosso-Department of Art
  • Angela Gordon– Department of Business
  • Joseph Pryba-Resident Life

October 20th: “Teaching in the Digital Age”

  • Steve Black-Reference Library
  • Christina Pfister-Department of Teacher Education
  • Ryane Straus-Department of History & Political Science

November 17th: “Teaching Summer Immersion”

  • Rick Thompso-Department of Math & Science
  • Claudia Lingertat-Putnam-Department Chair of Counseling & CSSA
  • Carrie Holligan-Department of English

Spring 2010

February 16th: “Teaching as a Team”

  • Nancy Dorr-Department of Psychology
  • Kathryn Laity-Department of English
  • Jenise Depinto-Department of History

March 16th:“Negotiating the Religious Heritage of Saint Rose”

  • Scott Brodie-Department of Art
  • Chris DeGiovine-Department of Spiritual Life
  • Mark Ledbetter-Department of Philosophy & Religious Studies

Fall 2008

September 16th: Teaching the First Year Student”

  • Sean Peters-Mission Experience
  • Megan Fulwiler-Department of English
  • Jeff Marlett-Department of Religious Studies

October 21st: “Teaching in a Post-Virginia Tech World”

  • Nan Mullennaux-Departnent of American Studies
  • Jay Hamer-Department of Counseling & Psychological Services

November 18th:Teaching With iWebfolio”

  • Carol Rasowsky-Department of Teacher Education
  • Kelly Meyer-Retention & Assessment
  • Judy Teng-Department of Instructional Design

Spring 2009

February 17th: “Teaching in Online Environments”

  • Karen McGrath-Graduate Coordinator
  • Robert Flint-Department of Psychology
  • Cailin Brown-Department of Communications

March 17th: “Teaching Diversity”

  • Shai Butler-Department of Diversity
  • Deborah Kelsh-Department of Teacher Education
  • Silvia Mejia-Department of Spanish & American Studies

April 21st: “Teaching Green”

  • Andrea Kohl-Department of Art
  • David Morrow-Department of English
  • Paul Benzing-Department of Environmental Science

Fall 2007

September:Teaching Green”

  • David Morrow- Department of English
  • Jackie Smith-Department of Geology

October:Teaching with Multimedia”

  • Fred Antico-Department of Communications
  • Daniel Nester- Department of English

November:Teaching Proactively to Prevent Plagiarism”

  • Dave Rice-Department of English
  • Megan Fulwiler-Department of English

Spring 2008

March:Teaching Problem/Inquiry Based Learning”

April:Teaching Activism”

  • Ken Scott-Director of Community Service
  • Clare Ziamendanis- Department of Spanish
  • Brian Bailey-Department of Teacher Education

Pilot year: 2006-2007

Fall 2006

September 11th: “Teaching Reading”

  • Megan Fulwiler-Department of English
  • Kristi Fragnoli-Department of Teacher Education
  • Angela Ledford-Department of Political Science

October 10th: “Teaching Research”

  • David Rice-Department of English
  • Brian Jensen-Department of Biology
  • Aviva Bower-Department of Educational Psychology

November 14th: “Teaching with Visuals”

  • Kim Middleton-Music Department Chair
  • Risa Faussette-Department of History and Political Science

Spring 2007

February 13th: “Teaching with Technology”

  • Travis Plowman-Department of Instructional Technology & Department of Educational Technology
  • Ian MacDonald-Department of Computer Science
  • Jennifer Marlow-Department of English

March 13th: “Teaching Race

  • Aviva Bower-Department of Educational Psychology
  • Leslie Lewis-Department of English
  • Bernadette Njoku-Department of Teacher Education

April 3rd: “Teaching with Portfolios”

  • Erin Mitchell- Department Chair of World Languages and Cultures
  • Joseph Eppink-Department of Music Education
  • Joe Schafer-Department of Teacher Education

To access a word document with all of the history of Provisions’ sessions, themes and presenters, click here.


2 Responses

  1. Why are there no authors attached to the presentations?

    • Hi Ron,
      We plan the the year’s themes over the summer, but we work monthly to invite presenters for each session. In particular, we try to identify faculty who are doing innovative practices in their classroom for each topic. Our other aim is to make sure the presenters come from different disciplinary perspectives (as much as possible.) The Provost’s office sends out a more detailed email notice the week before each session. If you’re unable to make our Tuesday dates, we also provide a detailed summary after each session here on the blog.

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