Fall 2016

September 20th: “How We Incorporate Mission into Our Pedagogy”

  • Angela Gordon-School of Business
  • Jeff Marlett-Philosophy and Religious Studies
  • Sean Peters-Director of Mission Experience

October 18th: “Fostering Relationships With Students Outside of the Classroom”

  • Claire Ziamandanis- Department of World Languages and Cultures
  • Kari Murad-Department of Biology
  • Ken Scott-Director of Community Service

November 15th: “Campus Community: Shifting Demographics and Student Identity”

  • Maria Fast – School of Education
  • Kelly Meyer- Director of Academic Advising
  • Jack Pickering – Communications, Sciences and Disorders

Spring 2017

February 21st:Raising the Bar While Providing a Safety Net for Taking Creative Risk”

  •  Dave Clark-Criminal Justice
  • Rita Faussette-History and Political Science
  • Christina Pfizer-Teacher Education & Sophia Paljevic– NYC Public Schools (graduate from the College of Saint Rose)

March 28th: Using SSC (Student Success Center) to its Fullest Potential”

  • Jess Brouker – Assistant Director of Intercultural Leadership and First-Year Programs
  • Shirlee Dufort – Director of the Writing Center
  • Marcy Nielsen Pendergast – Executive Director of the Academic Success Center

April 18th: “Pedagogy in the ‘Post-Truth’ Era”

  • Becky Landsberg –Department of Biology
  • Ryane Struas – Department of Political Science
  • Jay Kibby – Neil Hellman Library

Fall 2015

September 22nd: “Teaching and Learning With International Students”

  • Colleen Flynn Thapalia-Director of International Recruitment & Admissions
  • John F. Dion and Dr. Angela Gordon-Department of Business
  • Ian MacDonald-Department of Computer Science

October 20th: “Teaching First Generation Students”

  • Lai-Monté Hunter-Department of Intercultural Leadership
  • Jeff Marlett-Department of Philosophy/Religious Studies
  • Gina Occhiogrosso-Department of Art

November 17th: “Teaching Non-Traditional Students”

  • Katherine Voegtle-Department of Educational Psychology
  • Deborah Reyome-Department of Social Work
  • Shawn Sutton-Student Veterans Association

Spring 2016

February 16th:Teaching Non-Majors”

  • Laura Kinney-Department of Mathematics
  • Angela Ledford-Department of Political Science
  • James D. Teresco-Department of Computer Science

March 22nd:Teaching Online”

  • Lily Shafer-Department of Instructional Design
  • Silvia Mejia-Department of World Languages and Cultures & Department of Spanish
  • Daniel Nester-Department of English

April 19th:Teaching Information Literacy in the Age of Google”

  • Cailin Brown-Department of Communications
  • Elizabeth Yanoff– Department of Teacher Education & Mary Lindner-Reference Library
  • Steve Black -Reference Library

All Provisions’ sessions are held on Tuesday, in Standish A on the 2nd floor of the Activities and Events Building  from 12:00-1:15!  All are welcome-no need to RSVP! Free lunch and refreshments will be available!

Fall 2014

September 16th: “Teaching First Year Students”

  • Jelane Kennedy-Department of Counseling and CCSA
  • Mary Fitzsimmons-Director of HEOP (Higher Education Opportunity Program) & AOE (Academic Opportunity Experience)
  • Shirlee Dufort– Director of the Writing Center

October 21st: “The Culture of Assessment”

  • John Dion-Marketing Department in the School of Business
  • Claudia Lingertat-Putnam-Deputy Chair of the Counseling & CSSA programs
  • Stephanie Bennett-Department of Sociology

November 18th: “Teaching The Visual”

  • Liz Richards-Department of Communications
  • Susan Meyer-Department of Art Foundation
  • Joanne Powers-Department of Mathematics

Spring 2015

February 10th: “Teaching Historical Perspectives”

  • Carolyn Stefanco-President of the College
  • Scott Lemieux-Department of Political Science
  • Robert Shane-Department of Art History

March 17th: “Teaching Lives: What Keeps You Motivated”

  • Mary Ann McLoughlin-Department of Mathematics
  • Julie Demers-Department of English
  • Stephen Birchak-Department of Counseling

April 21st: “Teaching First Year Students: Provisions Fellows Present”

  • Provisions Fellows Peter Koonz-Serials and Electronic Resources Librarian
  • Jennifer Marlow-Department of English (Composition and New Media)

Fall 2013

September 17th: “Teaching Undergraduate Research”

  • Rick Thompson-Dean of the School of Math & Sciences
  • David Morrow-Department of English
  • Brian Jensen– Department of Physical and Biological Sciences

October 11th: “Teaching Toward Internationalization”

  • Christopher DeGiovine-Dean of Spiritual Life
  • Sean Peters-Director of Mission Experience
  • Aja LaDuke-Department of Teacher Education
  • Terri Ward-Department of Special Education

November 19th: “Teaching With Technology”

  • Sean McCLowry-Department of Music Industry
  • Elizabeth Richards-Department of Communications
  • Robert O’Neil-Department of Art

Spring 2014

February 11th: “Teaching Graduate Students”

  • David DeBonis-Department of Communication Sciences & Disorders
  • Sev Carlson-Dean of the School of Business

March 25th: “Teaching [Toward] Common Core”  

  • Aviva Bower-Department of Educational Psychology
  • Joseph Eppink-Department of Music

April 22nd: “Teaching Critical Thinking”

  • Stephanie Bennett-Department of Sociology
  • James Allen-Department of Educational Psychology
  • Amina Eladdadi-Department of Mathematics

Fall 2012

September 18th: “Teaching with/about Copyright and Intellectual Property”

  • John Ellis-Executive Director of Information Technology Services
  • Ian MacDonald-Department of Computer Science
  • Kim Middleton-Department of English

October 23rd: “Interdisciplinary Collaboration”

  • Amina Eladaddi-Department of Mathematics
  • Jack Pickering-Department of Communication Science and Disorders
  • Mark Ledbette-Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies

November 27th: “Internships and Capstones”

  • Jessica Loy-Department of Art
  • Maureen Rotondi-Department of Social Work
  • Marguerite Lodico-Department of Educational Psychology

Spring 2013

February 19th: “Integrated First Year Experiences (FYE)”

  • Risa Fausette-Department of History and Political Science
  • Katherine Moss-Reference and Access Services Librarian
  • Jennifer Richardson-Director of Residence Life

March 26th: “Teaching Service-Learning (S-L) Courses”

  • Fred Boehrer-Coordinator of Academic Service-Learning
  • Jeanne Wiley-Department of Philosophy

April 23rd: “Signature Pedagogies and The College of Saint Rose”

  • Steve Black-Reference Library
  • David Sczerbacki– College President
  • Margaret Kirwin-Provost Office

Fall 2011

September 13th: “Teaching With Technology”

  • Christine Paige-Department of Educational Technology
  • Liz Yanoff-Department of Teacher Education
  • Theresa Flanigan-Department of Art History

October 11th: “Teaching Writing in the Disciplines”

  • Megan Fulwiler-Department of English
  • David Goldschmidt-Department of Computer Science
  • Robert Shane-Department of Art History

November 22nd: “Teaching the Whole Student”

  • Ann Neilson-Department Chair of the Physical Education Department
  • Mary Fitzsimmons-Director of HEOP/ACCESS
  • Marcy Nielsen Pendergast-Director of the Academic Support Center

Spring 2012

February 14th: “Teaching With Technology II”

  • Tom Rosenberger-Department of Instructional Media Technology
  • Silvia Mejia– Department of Foreign Languages Department and American Studies Program
  • Jennifer Marlow-Department of English

March 13th: “Teaching and Service Learning”

  • Fred Boehrer-Coordinator of Academic Service-Learning & Community Involvement Faculty
  • Stephanie Bennett- Sociology Research Fellow for the Institute For Community Research and Training
  • Claudia Lingertat-Putnam-Deputy Chair of the Counseling & CSSA Educational Leadership

April 19th: “Conversation and Reflections on the Futures of Higher Education”

  • Mark Sullivan-President of the College of Saint Rose
  • Kelly Meyer-Director of Academic Advising
  • Aviva Bower-Department of Educational Psychology

Fall 2010

September: “Fostering Student Engagement”

  • Keith Sturgess-Department of Physics
  • Eurie Dahn-Department of English
  • Drey Martone-Department of Teacher Education

October: “Creating Collaborative Communities”

  • Gabriel Washington-Department of Art Education
  • Kari Murad-Department of Biology and Science
  • John Francis-Department of Student Support Services

November 16th: “Teaching Global Perspective”

  • Vaneeta Palecanda-Department of English
  • Ben Schwab-Department of Art & Design
  • Colleen Flynn Thapalia-Department of International Recruitment & Admissions

Spring 2011

“Negotiating our Tradition: Liberal Education and the Pre-Professional Arts”

  • Barbara Ungar-Department of English
  • Steve Black-Reference Library
  • Margaret Kirwin-Dean of the School of Education

“Teaching in a Culture of Assessment”

  • Megan Overby-Department of Communication Sciences & Disorders
  • J. Daniel Beaudry– Department of English
  • Jennifer Childress-Department of Art Education

“Teaching Critical Thinking”

  • Jamin Totino-Department of Student Affairs
  • Angela Ledford-Department of Political Science
  • Laura Weed-Department of Philosophy

Fall 2009

September 29th: “Teaching First Year Students”

  • Gina Occhiogrosso-Department of Art
  • Angela Gordon– Department of Business
  • Joseph Pryba-Resident Life

October 20th: “Teaching in the Digital Age”

  • Steve Black-Reference Library
  • Christina Pfister-Department of Teacher Education
  • Ryane Straus-Department of History & Political Science

November 17th: “Teaching Summer Immersion”

  • Rick Thompso-Department of Math & Science
  • Claudia Lingertat-Putnam-Department Chair of Counseling & CSSA
  • Carrie Holligan-Department of English

Spring 2010

February 16th: “Teaching as a Team”

  • Nancy Dorr-Department of Psychology
  • Kathryn Laity-Department of English
  • Jenise Depinto-Department of History

March 16th:“Negotiating the Religious Heritage of Saint Rose”

  • Scott Brodie-Department of Art
  • Chris DeGiovine-Department of Spiritual Life
  • Mark Ledbetter-Department of Philosophy & Religious Studies

Fall 2008

September 16th: “Teaching the First Year Student”

  • Sean Peters-Mission Experience
  • Megan Fulwiler-Department of English
  • Jeff Marlett-Department of Religious Studies

October 21st: “Teaching in a Post-Virginia Tech World”

  • Nan Mullennaux-Departnent of American Studies
  • Jay Hamer-Department of Counseling & Psychological Services

November 18th:Teaching With iWebfolio”

  • Carol Rasowsky-Department of Teacher Education
  • Kelly Meyer-Retention & Assessment
  • Judy Teng-Department of Instructional Design

Spring 2009

February 17th: “Teaching in Online Environments”

  • Karen McGrath-Graduate Coordinator
  • Robert Flint-Department of Psychology
  • Cailin Brown-Department of Communications

March 17th: “Teaching Diversity”

  • Shai Butler-Department of Diversity
  • Deborah Kelsh-Department of Teacher Education
  • Silvia Mejia-Department of Spanish & American Studies

April 21st: “Teaching Green”

  • Andrea Kohl-Department of Art
  • David Morrow-Department of English
  • Paul Benzing-Department of Environmental Science

Fall 2007

September:Teaching Green”

  • David Morrow- Department of English
  • Jackie Smith-Department of Geology

October:Teaching with Multimedia”

  • Fred Antico-Department of Communications
  • Daniel Nester- Department of English

November:Teaching Proactively to Prevent Plagiarism”

  • Dave Rice-Department of English
  • Megan Fulwiler-Department of English

Spring 2008

March:Teaching Problem/Inquiry Based Learning”

April:Teaching Activism”

  • Ken Scott-Director of Community Service
  • Clare Ziamendanis- Department of Spanish
  • Brian Bailey-Department of Teacher Education

Pilot year: 2006-2007

Fall 2006

September 11th: “Teaching Reading”

  • Megan Fulwiler-Department of English
  • Kristi Fragnoli-Department of Teacher Education
  • Angela Ledford-Department of Political Science

October 10th: “Teaching Research”

  • David Rice-Department of English
  • Brian Jensen-Department of Biology
  • Aviva Bower-Department of Educational Psychology

November 14th: “Teaching with Visuals”

  • Kim Middleton-Music Department Chair
  • Risa Faussette-Department of History and Political Science

Spring 2007

February 13th: “Teaching with Technology”

  • Travis Plowman-Department of Instructional Technology & Department of Educational Technology
  • Ian MacDonald-Department of Computer Science
  • Jennifer Marlow-Department of English

March 13th: “Teaching Race

  • Aviva Bower-Department of Educational Psychology
  • Leslie Lewis-Department of English
  • Bernadette Njoku-Department of Teacher Education

April 3rd: “Teaching with Portfolios”

  • Erin Mitchell- Department Chair of World Languages and Cultures
  • Joseph Eppink-Department of Music Education
  • Joe Schafer-Department of Teacher Education

To access a word document with all of the history of Provisions’ sessions, themes and presenters, click here.