Teaching in Online Environments


February 17, 2009: This month Provisions explored the world of teaching online. Presenters included Karen McGrath, Professor and Graduate Coordinator, Robert Flint, Associate Professor of Psychology, and Cailin Brown, Assistant Professor of Communications.  

          Dr. McGrath provided an overview of the blogging tool available on Blackboard. Students are encouraged to engage in conversations, post comments, and respond to questions via his or her blog. McGrath’s students are also able to explore other blogging sites and acquire templates for their own use. Overall, the class is designed to give students the chance to see what blogging is all about. Dr. Flint demonstrated how with a few modifications an in class exercise can easily be converted into an on line exercise. Flint’s students were to experience, first hand, some of the physical, social, cognitive, and emotional experiences of a person who is actually addicted to a drug by using ice cubes. The exercise included “purchasing”  ice cubes through a discussion board on line. Finally, Dr. Brown spoke about her Online Journalism class and the role Blackboard plays. Students are able to post story ideas, provide feedback, comment, and upload multimedia into their blogs. Brown talks about how on line journalism is a 24/7 cycle and requires experimenting. 

          Many questions and concerns that were discussed during this session were how to incorporate Blackboard into other courses, how to use wiki and other blog tools, and finally how communicating effectively and appropriately online is an important part of becoming a “digital citizen.”  

          Below you will find the materials in which each presenter shared during the session, as well as links to other helpful and informative resources.

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