Teaching the First Year Student

          September 16, 2008– The first session for the 2008-2009 season dealt with the issues and concerns that come with teaching a first year student. The presenters were Sr. Sean Peters, Megan Fulwiler, and Jeff Marlett. Each presenter discussed and provided insight on how to eliminate the barriers which can sometimes keep teachers from reaching these students. Sr. Sean Peters spoke of the FYE Passport to Saint Rose program which introduces first year students to what the college community has to offer aside from classes. Assistant professor of English, Megan Fulwiler, presented ways in which we can invite these students into our multiple discourse community. Finally Jeff Marlett, assistant professor of Religious studies, shared how he incorporates much of what first year students are experiencing into his method of teaching.

          Major issues and questions that were shared during this session dealt with the transition many of these students are experiencing in their lives. In most cases this is the first time these individuals have lived independently, and with that comes great responsibility. Taking that into consideration, as a teacher, is one of the key components to successfully connecting and teaching the first year student.

          Below you will find the materials in which each presenter shared during the session, as well as links to other helpful and informative resources. 

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