Teaching Diversity

March 17, 2009: This months Provisions session drove into the world of Teaching Diversity. Presenters included Shai Butler, Assistant to the President for Diversity, Deborah Kelsh, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Teacher Education, and Silvia Mejia, Assistant Professor of Spanish and American Studies. 

          Shai Butler began the session by explaining why it is important to teach students about diversity, and how to prepare students to engage in a increasingly interconnected world. Butler provided a great deal of online resources and National Practices from Universities such as Indiana, Rowan, and Ithaca College. Butler also shared the components of a diversity-infused curriculum and the efforts Saint Rose is currently making to fit into this curriculum. Deborah Kelsh shared a lesson plan which involves students looking at a variety of case studies and how this motivates students to talk about race and racism using different concepts and theories. Kelsh also referenced a book by Jane Bolgate entitled, “Talking Race in the Classroom.” Much of Kelsh’s presentation focused on the challenges one faces in the classroom when openly talking about race, and the different theories, concepts, and forms of racism. Finally Silvia Mejia shared a cultural blog created for her Spanish 203 course in which students are asked to response to Spanish written entries. In doing so, students engage in a discussion with other classmates while learning about different cultures.  

          The session concluded with an open discussion about religious diversity and how to re-engage this conversation, how to teach civility, and how to look at diversity infusion less as a set aside and more as a broad and global discussion in every area of pedagogy.

Below you will find the materials in which each presenter shared during the session, as well as links to other helpful and informative resources.

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