PERTS: Project for Education Research That Scales

What is PERTS? PERTS (Project for Education Research That Scales), located at Stanford University, is a center for applied research that focuses on academic motivation and achievement. PERTS team members conduct research that explores ways of improving motivation, using the information they received from partnered schools, colleges, and organizations. The PERTS website provides many great … Continue reading PERTS: Project for Education Research That Scales


Teaching in the Digital Age

October 20, 2009- This months session was Teaching in the Digital Age. Presenters included Steve Black, faculty librarian, Christina Pfister, department of Teacher Education, and Ryane Straus, department of History and Political Science.            Steve Black began the session by discussing authority and its importance to critical thinking. During Blacks presentation different types of … Continue reading Teaching in the Digital Age

In The News

Below you will find articles from online resources pertaining to teaching Inside Higher Ed: The Uninsured Adjunct  With health care continuing to be debated nationally, many adjuncts are trying to draw attention to their status among the well-educated professionals who sometimes received little to no coverage. (Nov. 30, 2009) Shift in Researcher Population  According to a new report … Continue reading In The News