Tenure Rates and Faculty Mission

April 27, 2010- An article from Inside Higher Ed entitled, “Tenure Rates and Faculty Mission” talks about the proposed changes to the tenure system at Brown University, and how they may seem like relatively minor adjustments on the surface, designed to help junior faculty members build a more complete portfolio for review. However, administrators have run into strong faculty opposition, with many believing the changes will add up to an attempt to assert more control by administrators and to shift the teaching-research balance in the direction of research.


A Different Path to Tenure

March 5, 2010– In an article from Inside High Ed entitled, “Different Paths to Full Professor” the President of ¬†Ohio State University suggested to the Associated Press that it was time to reconsider the way tenure is rewarded. While trying to get people thinking about this important topic, Ohio State is now considering and discussing ways in which teachers can be evaluated differently. University officials argue that, as in tenure reviews, research appears to be the dominant factor at that stage, despite official policies to weigh teaching and service as well.