When it comes to picking a textbook, college professors may find it difficult to find the perfect book to fit their class. For instance an English Professor may find an anthology with a few stories that would work well for her class, another that has the short stories she wants to use, and yet another one that is dedicated to Victorian Literature. At this point her students would probably be spending about two to three hundred dollars on textbooks for one class.
College professors may rejoice. There is finally a solution to the textbook conundrum – at least a solution that does not require countless hours of piecing together online sources. AcademicPub allows a teacher to create their own textbook. These books come in digital copies, paperback, and hardcover.
While AcademicPub is a wonderful new tool, there are still several other options out there for modifying and building textbooks. Some of them – along with more details on AcademicPub – can be found in the article New Digital Tools Let Professors Tailor Their Own Textbooks for Under $20.


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